About the Arizona Printing Company

We are the Arizona Printing Company, and we provide affordable printing solutions to businesses around the Phoenix Valley and the entire state.

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  • About the Arizona Printing Company

The Arizona Printing Company started as a question first, and as an idea second. Being involved in various design and printing-related fields throughout the years, we’ve encountered a predominance of expensive products that small businesses are forced to purchase.

We obsess over saving you money

We obsess over saving you money

When budgets are low and you’re trying to stretch every dollar you have, the last thing you need is your printing partner telling you that a batch of flyers will cost you a tremendous amount of money. We wanted to reinvent the industry by developing a business with a core mission of providing affordable printing solutions to small businesses. AND WE DID IT!

Our products are beyond competitive. We offer brilliant paper stock options, with excellent finishes and a ton of variety to choose from. Our products are extremely affordable, our ordering system is easy to use, and your business has only to gain from this.

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